Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

On Friday, October 23rd, my daughter's first grade class took a field trip to St. John's Methodist Church to visit the pumpkin patch. Kaitlyn went to preschool there so she was very excited to be going back for a visit.
Eating lunch

The nice woman who told the children a Halloween story told stories during chapel time when Kaitlyn was in preschool. She recognized Kaitlyn right away! It was nice to see that Kaitlyn is so memorable :)
Story time

The children had a lot of fun listening to the story and helping the woman to make the sounds effects (Boom Boom, Wiggle Wiggle, Clap Clap!) Then it was time to go out to the pumpkin patch and work on a school project. The students broke up into groups and worked to find the largest pumpkin and the smallest pumpkin. They took measurements and drew pictures of their pumpkins. Kaitlyn helping her group measure

Then it was time for lunch! We all had sack lunches and we sat on picnic blankets and ate and had some more fun.
Kaitlyn and her friends at their picnic

Kaitlyn and her friend Layla

All in all it was a great field trip that I really enjoyed getting to take Kaitlyn on. I absolutely love the holidays!!

Loving the pumpkin patch


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